FAQ: The Angry Billionaires

What is the Angry Billionaires?

Angry Billionaires is a hilarious multiplayer game where you and your friends (or enemies) compete as Billionaires in a series of mini-games to advance through the board. Find out who is the top dog out of the characters who have too much time, and too much money.

How do I win the game?

The goal of the game is to make it around the board as fast as possible; the first player to do so will win the game.

What do the coloured squares do?

The coloured squares are there to track progress.

Can I have more than 2 players play the game?

Yes, it is purchasable from the Player Select screen. If you try to have 3+ people play the game, you will be prompted to upgrade.

How do I know which player is playing during minigames?

During any minigame, the player that is supposed to play will be highlighted in the centre, while the players waiting will be on the side of the screen. Make sure you take note of what position your device is supposed to be.

What are the different mini-games and how do I play them?

Survival Mini-Games: In these games, your goal is to just survive until the timer hits 0.

Reflex Mini-Games: In these games, your aim is to react as fast as possible.

Collection Mini-Games: In these games, the winner will be determined by how much they accumulate.

Racing Mini-Games: In these games, the winner is the one who completes the task the fastest.

Where are the options?

The options are visible during character selection on the middle right side of the screen and will be represented by two gears.

I have a suggestion/complaint! How do I get in contact with you guys?

We appreciate feedback tremendously! You can contact us at: support@xmgstudio.com