FAQ: Cows vs Aliens: Barnyard Blitz

What is Cows Vs. Aliens?

Cows vs Aliens:BB is a game that takes place during an alien invasion. Your task as a cow herder is to wrangle the cows into the barn. Pushing a cow into the farm not only saves the cow, but grants you points! Be careful however, don't push those Aliens into your barn!

How do you play Cows vs. Aliens?

The objective of the game is to (using finger gestures) herd cows into the barn. The more cows you get into the barn, the higher your points multiplier will be (and your score as well) and the more experience you will get at the end of the round. However, if an Alien manages to probe your barn, your combo will be popped and as a result, your score will suffer. You can aim to obtain the highest score possible or gain a lot of experience.

What are boosts?

Boosts are bonuses you can toggle on and off before a round. Different boosts have different effects, some increase the value of cows, some give you extra time, some give you a barrier to protect you from aliens and some zap all the aliens on the screen. You can only have 3 active boosts at the same time and none from the same tier (bronze, silver, gold). Some boosts have a level requirement as well, as those usually have more powerful effects.

How do I activate boosts?

To activate a boost, you must fill up your boost meter to an appropriate amount. To do this, you must gain "combo" by pushing cows into the barn. Higher combos will generate more meter which will allow you to use your boosts sooner. Once you have filled up your meter to an appropriate level, tap the glowing circle to the right of your meter to activate the boost. Remember, if an alien probes your barn, your boost meter will decrease!

How many boosts can I equip at a time?

You can equip one boost from every tier, so that means 1 bronze boost, 1 silver boost, and 1 gold boost for a total of 3 boosts maximum.

What do the different boosts do?

Cowbells will change all the cows on your screen to move valuable cows: Bronze = 2x, Silver = 5x, Gold =10x in points
Timers will grant you extra time to play a round: Silver = 10 seconds, Gold = 20 seconds
Shields will temporarily set up an anti-alien shield around your barn, during which aliens can't be pushed in: Bronze = 5 seconds, Silver = 15 seconds
Lightning will change all the aliens on your screen: Bronze = kill them, Gold = transforms them into cows worth 100x points

Why are some of the boosts so expensive?

Some of the boosts are costly because of the huge advantages they offer. Using them correctly can easily put you at the top of the Weekly Tournament, where you can recuperate some of your lost currencies.

What is the highest combo I can get?

The highest combo you can get is 40x. Pushing more than 40 cows into the barn will not give you a higher combo.

What happens when an alien enters my barn?

When an alien enters your barn, your points multiplier is broken and some of your acquired boost meter is drained. You don't instantly lose like you did in the Cows Vs. Aliens, but having an alien probe your barn severely hinders your ability to obtain points because your multiplier will take time to replenish.

Why do I lose milk points/coins after every round?

Having boosts applied drains your milkpoints/coins. The boosts you activate per round will stay activated so remember to turn them off if you don't want them to be applied for the rounds to come.

Do I get more rewards if I push in more cows?

Definitely! The amount of cows you manage to push into the barn determines the amount of gold and experience you get. The more cows you push in, the more rewards you receive afterwards.

I have run out of coins! How do I get more?

There are a couple ways to get coins: levelling up will grant you a sum of coins and if you need the coins immediately, they are purchasable with Milk Points.

I have run out of hearts! How do I play?

Levelling up will refill your hearts to a maximum of 5, but hearts are also purchasable via the store with Milk Points.

What is the Weekly Tournament?

The Weekly Tournament is a contest you can participate in with your Facebook friends every week. To access this tournament, all you need is an internet connection and a Facebook account. Open the app and tap the (1,2,3) underneath the PLAY option in the home page. Your weekly score will be displayed along with your rank among your friends. The prizes for winning are listed on the left so good luck and try your best!

What is the maximum level I can achieve?

Currently the highest reachable level is level 16 however we are constantly updating and implementing new features so that might not be the level cap for long!

Why can't I open the leaderboards?

You need to reach level 4 which is when the leaderboards are unlocked.

Where do the cows go when you push them off?

We'll leave that to your imagination!

None of these answer my question, or I have a suggestion. How can I contact XMG?

We appreciate feedback tremendously. You can contact us at: support@xmgstudio.com