FAQ: Cows vs Aliens

What is Cows Vs. Aliens?

In Cows Vs. Aliens, invaders swarm your barn -- you must herd your cows into the barn and keep any aliens out! Using a unique control system, the fast-paced gameplay and innovative mechanics make it fun and exciting to set your high score and save as many of those cows as you can!

What are the different cows and what do they do?

There are 7 different cows and each one has different properties.
Normal cows are exactly what they are, they are simple cows that want to be herded into the barn.
Brown cows are similar, but they award you with slightly more points.
Explosive cows have dynamite strapped onto their backs. Once they are pushed into the barn, they will pop all aliens on the screen. However, if they aren't pushed into the barn fast enough, they detonate and can hurt your cows.
Magic cows have a wizard hat on them. Once they are pushed into the barn, they act as a vortex and suck in all the cows that appear for the next couple of seconds.
Clock cows carry a clock. They grant you bonus time once they are pushed into the barn.
Gold cows are exactly what their name suggests; they grant you a massive amount of points.
Fat cows look like really bloated normal cows. They will not fit through the barn door and must be repeatedly tapped until all their air is gone. Alternatively, if you get the air out before he gets stuck in the barn, he grants you extra points!

What are the different aliens and what do they do?

There are 8 kinds of alien baddies in the game and like the cows, they all have different abilities.

Green aliens are your most basic aliens, they just float towards your barn.
Blue aliens are just faster versions of Green aliens.
Red aliens are just faster versions of Blue aliens (oh geez).
Fake cow aliens are aliens dressed like cows. They will blend in until they take off their suit dash towards the barn!
Stinky aliens are aliens that smell so bad, they cause the cows to become agitated and harder to corral.
Rock aliens are slow moving aliens, but be careful! When they transform, they can't be pushed.
Ninja aliens have the ability to teleport away from your touch.

Lastly, alien beams are purple beams that will sit on the field for a couple of seconds, but when they leave, they take anything in their radius with them!

How do I know if it's a fake cow?

A cow-impersonating alien will not be pulled by magnets and will also have an animation where they stop and take off their cow suit. Be careful, this animation is only about half a second long so don't waste time! If you know it's a fake cow, push it off before it transforms!

What do the different power ups do?

The rooster power up gives you a huge boost in time, in case you're running low!
The power up with the 3 plain cows on it summons up a stampede of cows to give you a huge boost in points.
The cowbell power up acts as a magnet and pulls all the cows on the screen towards the barn for a couple of seconds.
The funny green beam is actually a forcefield that blocks all aliens from being pushed into the barn, allowing you to shove everything towards your barn, knowing that aliens can't get in.
The bomb, upon activation, destroys all aliens on your screen.

How do I activate power ups?

While you are playing a game, you can press pause (top left corner of the screen) and select the power up you want to activate.

What can I spend "milk points" on?

You can use "milk points" to purchase new Levels, boosts, and permanent power-ups for your cows.

How do I get more "milk points"?

You get milk points by completing achievements, continuous play or purchasing them through the store!

What's the difference between the stages? Why should I unlock Fall etc.?

The stages get progressively more difficult so if you find Spring too easy, play on summer etc. The cows and aliens move faster and more erratically and it's harder to play in general! Challenge yourself!

How do I find out what I have to do to finish an objective?

After you finish a round, underneath your score will be two options titled "STATISTICS" and "OBJECTIVES". Tap the Objectives and then a following category to see what the requirements are to unlock a milestone.

What are the Achievements?

You can press the "Categories" icon on-screen to check your current progress. Specific achievements are discovered; you didn't think we'd make it that easy for you, did you?

What are the "finger achievements"?

In Cows vs. Aliens, you can herd cows into the barn using any number of your fingers (1, 2, 4, 5). Using a different number of fingers will earn you different achievements. Remember, you have to be using the same amount of fingers the entire time (you can't change suddenly from 5 fingers to 1 and expect to get those 1 finger achievements!) Herding cows into the barn with one finger is extremely difficult, hence the great rewards you obtain when you manage to do it.

None of these answer my question, or I have a suggestion. How can I contact XMG?

We appreciate feedback tremendously. You can contact us at: support@xmgstudio.com