FAQ: Ghostbusters

What is Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast?

Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast is an alternate reality game; your device's camera enables you to enter an alternate universe filled with ghosts that YOU have to stop!

How is it that the game knows my location?

The app takes information from the device gathered via your connection to the internet and projects a map of your location into the game. It uses the "Location Services" setting, found in Settings > Location Services.

Is it possible to turn off the Location setting?

Yes, you can turn it off from your Device Settings or through the game itself.
Through Device: Go to Settings > Location Services and scroll down until you find Ghostbusters. Then tap the switch and turn Location Services OFF for Ghostbusters.
Through Game: Go to Settings and tap the Offline Mode switch.

This changes the game map from your current location to New York City.

Nothing is showing up on my map, what's up?

You should have a local map with the locations of your current ghosts and tasks. If not, turn on "Offline Mode" in the options menu.

How many ghosts are unlockable in the game?

There are 16 Ghosts you can fight (including Stay Puft). These are unlocked by levelling through the game.

Are there going to be more ghosts?

We do plan on generating more content in the future, so just wait and see!

What is the Containment?

The Containment is where you go to see all the ghosts you have busted. Every ghost you unlock will show up in a new spot in the Containment Unit. The objective is to unlock every ghost and have all the spots filled up. As well, you can go to the Containment and tap on the ghosts you have unlocked. You will then be shown a closeup of the ghost and their name.Tapping and holding the screen will prompt the ghost to perform one of their attacking animations.

What is Stay Puft?

Stay Puft is the boss fight of the game. He is available to battle only once every eight hours and gives a large reward. Take advantage of the opportunity to fight him, the bonuses are amazing.

How do I advance a wave?

You must clear every area of a Ghost once. When you start a wave, there will be icons of a red ghost arrow flashing. That indicates that there is a rampant ghost in that area which must be cleared out. After you have fought that ghost, the icon changes to a friendlier white ghost icon, indicating that the area has been cleared (you can still go and battle the ghost there however). Go through all the red ghost arrows and clear them, and you will advance a wave.

Are there bonus objectives? If so, where are they?

There are bonus objectives! Go to the main page (with the map) and near the top of the screen there is a telephone icon. Dragging the icon downwards reveals your current tasks.

What do I get for completing bonus objectives?

The bonus objectives reward you with stars, which you use to level up your character, which grant you buster bucks every time you level up.

What can I do with my Petty Cash and my Buster Bucks?

Petty Cash can be used to upgrade your battle gear and Petty Cash is used to battle items such as Stasis Beam, used to stun the ghost for five seconds in battle.

Where can I upgrade my equipment/buy battle items?

Go into the "Equipment" area. You will be presented with 3 submenus, "Gear", "Utilities", and "Bank".

Gear: This is where you upgrade your items; tap any one of them, read their summary, and simply tap "upgrade" to make them more powerful.
Utilities: These are your one time use items in battle. They cost Buster Bucks but give tons of bonuses in-battle so they're well worth the money.
Bank: Short on Petty Cash? Or Buster Bucks? Re-fill on your currencies here so you're always ready to bust the next ghost!

How do I take a photo?

You can take a photo when you're battling a ghost. Below the health bars at the top are two icons, one of them is a Pause button, the other looks like a Camera. Tapping the camera will take a picture of the ghost (which will be saved in your camera roll).

Can I switch my character?

Yes you can! If you ever feel like training a new Ghostbuster, simply go to the "Locker" accessible through the main menu. At the top right corner of your screen there will be a button to "Edit Profile". From there, you can select a new recruit, edit their name and continue your Ghostbusting journey.

What happens when I Tweet about my Ghostbusting?

Every time you tweet about bustin' a ghost, you're awarded 1 Buster Buck. While this may not seem like a lot, they certainly add up towards the boosts you can buy.

The ghost is unreachable, no matter which direction I tilt! What's going on?

It is likely that you are not playing on the newest version of Ghostbusters AR, a simple game update should do the trick.

I still have a question or I want to leave a suggestion!

You can contact us at support@xmgstudio.com. We greatly appreciate your feedback as it tells us what we are doing right and what we can do to improve the things that require attention.