FAQ: Inspector Gadget

What is Inspector Gadget's MAD Dash?

Inspector Gadget's MAD Dash is an endless runner inspired from the original television series! Dodge bombs, jump over trains, and use your gadgets in this fast-paced adventure to catch Dr. Claw and save your neice Penny!

What do the gears do?

The gears you collect increase your multiplier, allowing you to accumulate points more quickly.

What can I buy with my gears?

You can visit the store and purchase upgrades, powerups, sound effects, and even episodes of Inspector Gadget from the original TV series!

Why did I lose my points multiplier?

If you die or trip on a banana, your points multiplier will reset.

What do the different gadgets do?

There are 4 different gadgets you can unlock:

The Extra Life is exactly what it sounds like: it gives you another life for every round that you play.

The Super Umbrella allows you to slow your falling. Instead of dropping like a rock, you gracefully fall with the help of your umbrella. To use this gadget, simply tap and hold the screen while you're in the air.
The Rocket Boots increases your maximum speed, allowing you to gather points more quickly.
The Super Jump grants you an extra mid air jump, useful for scaling up high walls or repositioning yourself.

What are powerups?

Power-ups are bonuses that you can unlock through the store and they provide special abilities that you can use in game!

Are powerups a one-time use item?

No, they appear as collectible boosts in your game.

How do I activate them?

They will appear in-game as special power-up blocks which you must jump to collect. These will grant you the power-up for a certain duration of time.

What are the different power-ups?

There are four different power-ups you can unlock:

Inflatable Jacket: Lifts you up for a short amount of time so you can float above all the obstacles.
Coin Magnet: For a short time, you will attract all the coins towards you so you don't have to jump for them.
Super Copter: Gives you flight capabilities! Tap the screen to fly higher, let go to fall.
50x Multiplier: for a small period of time, you will have a 50x multiplier.

What are the different obstacles in the game?

The Banana is an obstacle that will make you trip (and unable to jump for a certain amount of time) and kill your multiplier.
The Swings requires you to jump and then tap, hold, and let go to "swing" on the rope. Make sure you release at the right time to get the momentum to propel you forward and upwards.
The Train will be signalled in when the screen begins to rumble. You have to jump and skate on the train to avoid getting hit by it.
Dr. Claw's Bombs will be dropped from his airship; you will be notified as to when he's dropping them by when he pushes the button on the screen.
The Lightning Wire is an obstacle field where if you float too high, you will be shocked by the electric wire and if you fall too low, you will be hit by the rotating fans. To regulate your altitude, tap and hold the screen to pull out your umbrella and the air from the fans will push you upwards.
Dr. Claw's Missles will be fired while you're in the lightning wire field. Not only do you have to regulate your height, you also have to dodge his missiles. Luckily for you, they can only go straight horizontally so just float slightly below or above the missiles to avoid them.

Can I update the quality of the graphics?

You sure can! From the Main Screen you can download higher resolution graphics!

None of these answer my question, or I have a suggestion. How can I contact XMG?

We appreciate feedback tremendously. You can contact us at: support@xmgstudio.com