FAQ: Powder Monkeys

What is Powder Monkeys?

Set after an ice age leaving all but a few races still left on the Earth, a war has broken out between the monkeys and the bugs. You play as the captain of a monkey ship, sailing the high seas to defeat the evil bug leader Fidel Mantis!

How do I acquire coins in Powder Monkeys?

You can purchase coins in the store (the shop icon underneath your exp bar) instantly. When you capture an island, it will automatically generate coins for you with the only requirement being you must go back periodically and collect them yourself. You also get coins by defeating enemy bugs and completing missions. Lastly, in many sub-missions, there will be chests floating in the water that will grant several possible rewards ranging from coins to diamond bananas.

How do I make the islands generate money?

You first have to capture the island. To do this, sail up to it and tap the flag (make sure you have the level requirement otherwise it will have a "locked" icon with a number inside which represents the level you have to achieve to capture the island). You will then battle a bug and upon victory, you will capture the island. You must also build a fence around it to protect it from bug attacks (simply select a fence to build). After this, the island will generate coins for you.

Why does the game ask me to build fences around my islands?

Once you claim an island, it will generate money for you. However, enemies can attack the island and claim it back and the fences will protect them for a certain amount of time.

How many coins will the islands generate?

They will generate 100 coins before you have to go and collect them. They will not generate coins past 100 so make sure you collect them as quickly as possible.

How do I collect my coins?

Sail to the island and tap the red flag. Simply tap "collect" to retrieve your coins.

How do I battle enemies?

When you see an enemy ship (signified by the skull meter), simply sail and intercept them with your boat.

What do the skulls on the ships represent?

The skulls represent the difficulty of the enemy ship. More skulls represent a harder battle!

Where do I find missions?

The mission select screen appears as a little map beside your portrait and underneath where your LV is displayed.

Do I have to defeat every enemy in a mission?

No you do not. There will usually only be one "boss" that you have to defeat. Battles with every other ship can avoided and steered away from.

How do I know which ship is the "boss" ship?

The "boss" ship will have a red exclamation mark over their head, signifying that they are the ship you have to beat.

Why do their bullets absorb mine!?

Different bullets have different properties. Some bullets like the Watermelon and the Umbrella have extremely high armour, allowing them to absorb your bullets. Other bullets like the Magnet have special abilities to absorb your bullet and fire it back at you. Make sure you read the properties of each weapon when you have the chance to in the little hut at the top left of your screen (Load Yer Cannons! will pop up).

I can't see the entire map! Is there a way to zoom out?

On the top right of the screen there is a small telescope. Tapping it will allow you to zoom out and see the entire map.

Where can I purchase better equipment and weapons?

You can select the icon in the top left corner (the House to buy weapons and the Ship to upgrade your ship) to upgrade your parts and purchase powerful weapons.

Do the Ship upgrades give any bonus properties?

Unfortunately, at the moment, the upgrades to the ship are purely cosmetic.

Why do I have to pay real money in a free game?

By buying the in-apps, we can afford to hire the talented individuals in our studio.
If we were to give everything in the game away for free, the content that we provide would be of a much lower quality than it is today.

A lot of people don't mind spending a couple of dollars on coins and this allows us to constantly update and upgrade the game, to make it more enjoyable for you guys.
I hope this answers your question and thank you for playing Powder Monkeys!

I have a question/comment/complaint. How do I get in touch with you guys?

We appreciate any and all feedback! You can contact us at: support@xmgstudio.com