FAQ: Style Studio

What is Style Studio?

Style Studio is a fashion-designing game created by XMG Studio. You create tops, dresses, jackets, pants using the predownloaded set of clothing or you can even use photos from your own device. Dress up models and have your own photoshoots and magazines!

What can I purchase in Style Studio?

You can unlock new packs of clothing and backdrops.

Clothing packs include: beachwear, wedding sets, Santa outfits and more!

How do I get new clothing?

Go to the main page and you can scroll left and right through the packs. Simply tap any one of them and purchase it! Make sure your game and clothing is up to date by updating in the Appstore or by updating in the StyleStudio home page. Simply tap the "Update Packs" at the bottom of the screen and the game should automatically update with new purchasable items from the store.

Can I customize my designs?

Yes you can! After selecting a piece of clothing there are tons of ways! Say you want to design a Sleeveless Round Neck.
The first thing you can do is select the length of dress you want to create.
On the bottom selection bar, you can choose a material, print, decoration, text, or even take your own photos and overlay it onto the dress!

What is a Material?

The material is what your design is made from. You can choose materials like denim, animal skins, and plaid.

What is a Print?

The print is a picture or an image that is overlayed on top of your material.

What is a Decoration?

A decoration is an ornament that is placed over your design for the sake of glamour and dazzle.

What is a Text?

A text is similar to a print; rather than a picture, it is text that is overlayed on top of your material. Tapping "Text" will bring you a list of fonts and you have to select one, tap "Edit" and put in your own text.

What is Dress Up?

The Dress Up function is used so you prepare a model for a shoot. After tapping Dress Up, tap the "+" sign on the top right corner and select a model. Tap the "Clothing" to select one of your designs for the model to wear, and top it off by giving him/her fabulous accessories!

What is the Showcase?

The Showcase is where you show off your design with your model. Choose between "Dress a Friend", "Magazines", and "Photoshoot".
In "Photoshoot", you select a model and a backdrop and create your design!
While creating a Magazine, you also have the option of moving and adjusting the size of your model to fit the cover page better. This gives you control and allows you to create the perfect cover page for you!
In the "Dress a Friend", you select a picture or take a photo of a friend, then dress THEM in your design, create a backdrop and now they have become a model for you!

How do I update my packs?

To download updates and get new packs, go to the main page and tap the Update Packs beside the XMG Logo at the bottom.

Why should I pay money for clothing in this virtual game?

By paying for sets of clothes and other materials in-game, we can afford to hire the talented individuals in our studio. From the artists who design the clothing to the programmers who construct the code, everybody works together to create the final product that you get to play.
If we were to give everything in the game away for free, the content that we provide would be of a much lower quality than it is today.

A lot of people don't mind giving $1.99 for the a clothing pack and when they do so, they allow us as a studio to improve and update our games in the future, allowing us to create new content and improve the games as a whole.
I hope this answers your question and thank you for playing StyleStudio!

None of these answer my question, or I have a suggestion. How can I contact XMG?

We appreciate feedback tremendously. You can contact us at: support@xmgstudio.com