FAQ: Totally Amp'd

What is Totally Amp'd?

Totally Amped is the app associated with the TV series! The app includes ten built in episodes with activities that allow you to become a part of the action!

The story follows the journey of five talented teens who are brought together to become the next biggest hit. They must overcome their differences and adversities to win the musical contest that will propel them into stardom!

What is the Music Studio?

Within the Music Studio you can remix songs and record your own! You can also listen to the mixes you make.

How do I record a song?

Go to the Music Studio and select a song from the Music List. Then tap Record when the pop up appears. Simply tap record and sing along with the music (this works best with a mic!).

How do I mix a song?

After going to the Music Studio, select a song and tap Remix. After you press the record button, you can change the volumes of the different instruments and vocals as the song plays. Saving the song at the ends allows you to listen to it aftewards!

What is the Music Studio?

The movie studio is where you have the opportunity to create your own music video! You first select a song that you wish to create a video for. The movie studio will present you with 3 different clips that run for the duration of the song. Hit the record button and as the song plays, you can tap different clips which determines which scene plays at the specific moment in the song. The result wil be a music video that alternates between those 3 scenes.

What is the Design Studio?

This is where you have the most freedom of design! You can create covers for posters, wallpapers, and album covers. You can also design clothing for the Totally Amp'd crew to wear!

How do I create designs?

1) After tapping the Design tab, select the type of clothing (dress, pants, shoes) you want to design.
2) Select a specific style that you like (Leggings, skirt).
3) Customize! Select a design from the bottom menu (Materials, Prints, Texts) and drag it onto the clothing.
4) Adjust the orientation or the zoom by using finger gestures and add more designs until you are happy! Hit Apply when you finish.

What is the Dress Up function?

The Dress Up function allows you to use the cast of Totally Amp'd to model the clothing you create! To do this:

1) Select any Totally Amp'd character whom you want to model for you. 2) Tap the bottom bar to bring up Clothing or Accessories.
3) Select an article of clothing or accessory and drag it onto your model.
4) It likely will not fit you will need to use finger gestures to enlarge/shrink whatever clothing you chose to fit the model.

How do I create Media?

After tapping Design Studio, scroll through the projects until you see Media. From here you can design Posters, Album Covers, and Wallpapers.

How do I design a Poster/Wallpaper/Album Cover?

1) Select a background.
2) Tap the bottom bar and select what you wish to be applied onto your poster (Cast, Graphics, Text).
3) Drag your design onto the poster whever you see fit and adjust the sizing or orientation if need be (using finger gestures).
4) Repeat step 3 until you are happy with your poster and hit Apply when you are finished.

None of these answer my question, or I have a suggestion. How can I contact XMG?

We appreciate feedback tremendously. You can contact us at: support@xmgstudio.com