FAQ: Travel Detective

What is Travel Detective?

Travel Detective is a trivia adventure game where you answer general knowledge world knowledge questions to catch high-profile criminals!

What is the fire round?

After you have located your criminal, you must answer a series of questions given a short amount of time in a "lightning" round. You must answer a percentage of them correctly otherwise the criminal will escape.

What are travel challenges?

Travel challenges are challenges you can make for your friends where they must follow your route to solve your own puzzle!

How do I create a travel challenge?

From the main menu, tap Travel Challenges (Note: this requires an internet conncetion)
From here, tap Create Challenge and follow the instructions. Remember to provide a picture (or take one) for hilarity!

What are achievements?

Achivements are hidden unlockables that you slowly acquire by playing the game. There are achievements for collectiong clues, achievements for finishing tasks quickly etc. There are 15 achievements in total.

Where do I see my unlocked achievements?

From the main page, there is a trophy icon on the upper right hand of the screen. Tapping it will bring you to a display case where your unlocked achievements can be viewed.
Tapping them will provide details about how you unlocked them

None of these answer my question, or I have a suggestion. How can I contact XMG?

We appreciate feedback tremendously. You can contact us at: support@xmgstudio.com