Pandemica Named Best Augmented Reality App

XMG Studio commits to pushing the limits of mobile gaming and supporting research and development in the area of Augmented Reality

Toronto, Ontario – February 11th, 2010 – XMG Studio is proud to announce that Pandemica, its debut iPhone game, has been chosen as the winner in the Augmented Reality (AR) category of the Best App Ever Awards. Pandemica, the world`s first multiplayer AR game for the iPhone, is an arcade-shooter style game that challenges players to find and eliminate alien pathogens that are threatening Earth.

The Best App Ever Awards are hosted by 148Apps, a leading reviewer of apps and games for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Pandemica was nominated, along with nine other great AR apps, by a panel of industry experts and by fans of the game. Nominations began several months ago, with over 27,000 apps and games being narrowed down to 10 in each of 56 categories. Voting ran through the month of January, with over 300,000 votes being cast in the various categories.

Augmented Reality is an emerging technology which uses the real world as a platform and builds games and applications on top. Pandemica uses the camera and compass within the iPhone to create a seamless integration of the alien-infested game world and the player`s real world, so aliens appear to be all around them – in front of them on the couch, behind them in their bed or even on top of their dog.

Pandemica was one of the first AR games to hit the market, and represents a great example of the first generation of Augmented Reality games and apps. The XMG team is also engaged in research and development activities to push the limits and explore the possibilities of AR gaming.

“Augmented Reality is just in its infancy, and the AR games we are seeing right now are the tip of the iceberg,” said Ray Sharma, Founder of XMG Studio. “Our AR team is looking at ways to really push the limits of Augmented Reality in gaming and move beyond the first generation of AR, where we are using the real world as a background, to the next generation of AR where in-game objects can interact with reality.”

XMG Studio is currently sponsoring a game development initiative at the University of Waterloo and has given students in the Digital Arts and Communication program access to their AR development team and the XMG Studio AR development platform, to encourage fresh innovation in this space.

About XMG Studio

XMG Studio is a cutting-edge developer of games for mobile devices. XMG puts special focus on incorporating features and effects that will create fun, compelling and entertaining games, such as augmented reality, advanced graphics and unique gameplay modes. XMG’s first game, Pandemica, was released in 2009 and has subsequently released a series of car tuning and racing games under the Drag Racer brand. XMG Studio has a strong roadmap of games to be released in 2010.