XMG Plays Active Role in Supporting the Development Community

Toronto, Ontario – June 9th, 2011 – XMG Studio, a leading mobile game developer, is broadening its commitment to the game development community. As one of the fastest-growing and innovative developers in the mobile gaming space, XMG is often drawing on the expertise coming from local colleges and universities as well as from the community of existing artists and developers. It is XMG's mandate to foster and nurture technical excellence and creativity by implementing various programs that both test and encourage game developers' abilities.

Among XMG's recent activities to help support upcoming game developers, designers and artists, XMG recently hosted the single largest Canadian hackathon in history, encouraging hundreds of university and college students across Canada to jump into the world of mobile game development. 100 teams of students were asked to create a game in 48 hours; a tight time constraint that would challenge even veteran developers. The event's first-placed team has takes its winnings and is expanding on their winning submission and readying it for full launch this fall.

XMG has also teamed up with Ryerson University’s Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering in order to enhance the current capabilities of Augmented Reality. AR is essentially the process of taking a real life image and overlaying digital images on your iOS device, creating the illusion of additional components to a players reality. Working with the Accelerate Interns, XMG and Ryerson are revolutionizing the way AR is applied to mobile gaming.

Another activity XMG has undertaken to support future developers is the company's involvement in the Educational Games and Simulations class offered at Waterloo University. XMG sends a member of their development team to the class to act as an external business representative that supports the students as they design, develop, and release a game. The role includes conversing directly with students, giving advice on their current projects, and offering tips on creating games that both encourage monetization and are enjoyable to play.

Finally, looking to help Canada's next top developers, even while they are still in elementary school, XMG has founded the XMG Game Advisory Board; a private community of children aged 7 - 14 who learn about making fun, exciting games, give feedback on the games XMG has created, and offer suggestions on what they would like to be playing. The program already has members from around the world.

Through these activities XMG is both helping create a talent pool to fuel its own growth and innovation as well as helping the game development community in Toronto and Canada as a whole gain the reputation it deserves as a keystone in the mobile gaming industry.

About XMG Studio Inc

XMG Studio is an award-winning developer of hit games for mobile devices. XMG puts special focus on creating games with unique user interfaces and which allow players to deeply engage with their games through user-generated and user-customized content. XMG’s games have been nominated for numerous awards and have won such honors with Best App Ever awards in several categories in both 2009 and 2010. Recent titles include Cows vs Aliens, Drag Racer: Pro Tuner, Style Studio: Fashion Designer, Cannon Cadets, Little Metal Ball, Marine Sharpshooter, and Pandemica.